HobbyMekaniks own bicycle bell ”Pling”. This is one of my two first prototypes. I have spinned the bell from 1 mm thick brass. The body and acorn nut are turned in lathe. Bell, body and nut are polished to mirror finish. For handlebar 22 mm.

Here a somewhat simpler bell in that it is just the bell itself and a pendulum. This bicycle bell is a little more hippie than my regular bell with handlebar mount. This one is also spinned into another shape than the regular bell.

I turn ballpoint pens in brass that I polish into mirror finish, and I use swedish made ink cartridges in my pens. The best cartridges for the most beautiful pens 😉

A tool that attaches to a drill chuck in the tail stock, for drilling in the center of round stock.

Parallell clamps for holding tools or work pieces in a workshop. A nice feature is the e-clip I use on the first threaded axle.

Flycutter to use with a carbide insert holder for lathe.

A machinist hammer with brass head in combination with a 17mm hex key for the Gerardi vice.