UM 400 motor rebuild, part 2

If you want just to replace the bearings you do not need to open up the electrical switch. If you need to open up the the electrical switch make sure all cables go free from the rotor when you put it together again. Also make sure the internal cables do not push to hard on the motors copper windings.


New bearings…

Assembly starts

The rotor looks really nice

UM 400 motor rebuild, part 1

Here are some pictures from my UM 400 motor rebuild. Both the berings in the motor and in the planetary gear needed to be replaced. The bearings in the motor are two SKF 6203-Z and in the planetary gear two SKF 6005-Z. I will buy new bearings at Momentum tomorrow, and continue the assembly.

A previous owner have had the machine in a cold and humid environment. It shows even on the inside of the motor.

Type plate on the engine

The disassembling begins

A little rust on the rotor

Tight to get this bearing off

After a light blasting

Some light blows on the screw heads to loosen them a little

Planetary gear starts to come apart

Some rust to be removed

Cleaning the axle in the lathe