Bearing change in grinder Arboga 308

Bearing change in a older model of Arboga 308 grinder.
This is a good example of when the map is not not corresponding with reality. The exploded view I got shows a newer model with only two bearings. My machine turns out to have three bearings, two on the right side and one on the left side.

The map does not correspont with reality. In this exploded view of a newer Arboga 308 there are only two bearings. But in rality my 308 has three bearings.
Like new… Quiet and smooth sound…

UM 400 motor rebuild, part 2

If you want just to replace the bearings you do not need to open up the electrical switch. If you need to open up the the electrical switch make sure all cables go free from the rotor when you put it together again. Also make sure the internal cables do not push to hard on the motors copper windings.


New bearings…

Assembly starts

The rotor looks really nice